Monday, March 17, 2008

Princeton portrait group having an exhibit

Our Portrait group exhibit in Southbridge Jacob Edwards library will open April 3. The portraits will hang there for the whole month. We are very exited about this because it is not often that we are invited to show our portraits, painted in Princeton. I entered Coert's last portrait, worked a bit more on it, and feel it is starting to look like him.I will not be going to the opening on April 3 , Because I will be traveling to a tropical country !!!! Suriname!!!!. Nobody seems to know where it is, that is why I am adding a map. Once there, I will be visiting my cousin Riet. We used to be pals, our mothers were sisters. We have not seen each other since I was twelve, and she was sixteen. It was a little over a year ago that we found each other back, via the internet. SOOO exiting!!!! To get to Suriname from here I have to change planes in New York, than in Port of Spain Trinidad, than to Paramaribo. I will arrive the same day at 11.45 pm. Riet promised to pick me up. Hope we recognize each other. I will not be "Blogging " till I come back, by April 16th . maybe some photo's.

Grotere kaart weergeven

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