Sunday, March 23, 2008

Watercolor Travel-kit

About a year ago my friend Dave gave a little lecture on how he "travel logs" when he travels. He showed his watercolor equipment; it all fit in a little pouch on his belt. I was in awe how compact it was. For this expedition I do not want to take along much luggage. Oil paint, canvases or paper and certainly and easel would be too much of a burden.
Watercolor is a totally different way of painting. I have not done it for many many years. It's so much different from oils because one needs to know how to draw. No moving nice buttery oil paint around. I am going to try it!!!!! My nifty travel-kit turned out to be quite an investment. First a little Winsor Newton set, extra brushes and of course extra paint because the colors that come with the set are "odd". My investment included some aquarelle pencils and watercolor paper, not to forget some sheets of kitchentowels. See the pictures of my new equipment.
I am open for suggestions, help, etc. Everything (photo above) is in the box behind the little artist painting the tulip.... my first watercolor since I can remember.
That statue, by the way, was carved by my friend Dick Whitney. (2006). He made these carvings for many of his friends. We all cherish them.
The equipment is in a zippered makeup box 5x6x2 inches (below). I did cut the pencils in half, and shortened the brushes a little . The paper pad is a larger but all of this will easily fit in my carry-on bag.

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Anonymous said...

I’m honored!

I put my water in a little 35mm film canister. Sometimes I carry a small bottle of water too, depending on whether I expect to have a water source nearby.

I suggest a waterproof ink pen, Micron size 0.005. Most of my journal pictures are pencil, then ink, then water color. I also pack a 0.5mm mechanical pencil with 2B lead for drawing (doesn’t need a sharpener) and I stick a piece of kneaded erasure on the end.

I like the Pentel “side clicker” . The other kind clicks when you push on the erasure end, and the erasure gets contaminated with skin oil. With the side clicker you push on the side to advance the lead, not the top. I can show you mine Tuesday.

I usually take one of those little purse sized packet of Kleenex instead of p. towels.

Are you planning another trip soon? We are going to historic Charleston in two weeks. Should be lots of art opportunities.