Monday, March 31, 2008

My Achy Breaky Heart

During the last week I have been to the cardiology department at the Fallon Clinic in Worcester many times.
Since (what I thought was) my bad cold in December I become very tired very fast... often with a pain in the middle of my chest. At Fallon they did a stress-test and some kind of chemical test because (they say) I have a " left branch bundle blockage" or LBBB. From the stress test they learned that there is a scar on my heart from a recent heart attack. My cardiologist at Fallon, Dr. Luigi Pacifico, said that there is no way I can travel in this condition. So the big Paramaribo expedition is out.
April 7th he is going to do more tests.
You can all understand that I am very very disappointed to have to cancel my trip to Paramaribo to visit my cousin. I have not seen her in over 50 years. She is celebrating her 70 th birthday this month and I wanted to be there.
I was looking forward to go to an tropical country as there is still ice on the duck pond.
I guess the song of the week is "My Achy Breaky Heart".

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Anonymous said...

Yikes. Very sorry to hear about the heart problem. And I know you’re very sorry not to be able to make the trip to visit your 70 year old cousin. Pls keep us up to date.

I’m having to miss tomorrow on account of a business meeting in Boston Then the next two weeks will be in Charleston on another Elderhostel. But I will be thinking of you. They can do so much with heart things these days. I know you are going to be fine.