Friday, April 25, 2008

Where are my People of Chilmark?

Last year I posted my project Thomas Hart Benton's People of Chilmark. I heard recently that the original buyer sold the painting because it was too large for his new house. As far as I could find out, to a restaurant in Los Angeles. I would love to know where it is..... I'll offer a $25 (twentyfive dollar) gift certificate to Amazon or whatever to the first person to contact me with this paintings whereabouts.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

58th annual academic Artists Association National Exhibition

Sunday april 13 was the grand opening of the 58 th annual National exhibition of the Academic Artists Association. And it was GRAND. Jean Murphy and I went to the opening at The American International College in Springfield Massachusetts.

This is a juried show, and not that easy to get in. But Jean had a nice drawing voted in named "Jim".
Lynn Wrona had entered a lovely oil painting named "the Road Home" and won the Samuel E. Armour Memorial award for it.
Another Worcester artist I have known for a long time won a Honorable Mention, his name is Robert Duffy. His entry was an oil painting entitled "Maine coast".

Before the show opened a painting demonstration was given by yet another famous Worcesterite, Bob Aiello. He painted a lovely winter scene while everyone was asking him questions and giving advice, not an easy task.
My favorite in the show was a large painting named "Generations" by Sandra Wakeen of Somers CT. Here are some visuals:

Robert Duffy, "Otter Cove":
Bob Aiello, "Glory":
Sandra Wakeen, "Generations":

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Pose for the Painting Group

Last week, for some reason, there was no model available for our painting group in Princeton.
I volunteerd.... Below you can see the results:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bobcat on the island

During the winter some trees had to be cut on the big island at Cooks Pond. To move the wood and concentrate slash the men decided to drive a bobcat to the island over the ice to do the work.

When the work was done and they had to return the machine it gained so much momentum going down the steep banking that went through the ice.
It took a lot of manpower, cables and winches and they succeeded to get it back on the island.
Now the motor was not working anymore.

As the bobcat was borrowed from a brother in law there was a lot of pressure and anxiety. In the meantime the ice melted, spring sprung, and the bobcat was on the island. What to do? Leave it till next winter? Build a cabin around it? Have it picked up by helicopter?

Yesterday it was decided to float it and have it pulled by a cable to shore.

All the fuel and hydraulics were emptied and sealed. Big air pillows were attached as pontoons and they pushed it down the steep banking.
We were all yelling :'pull, PULL!!!!!!!' and very, very, slowly it got pulled ashore.
Here are some photo's (sorry it was not the animal "bobcat" as you thought:)

The preparation:
The operation:
The sweet smell of success!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to Work

The procedure was done, and I am fine. I will have to lose some weight and lower the cholesterol level. Before I continue posting on the Joy of Art, I want to thank everyone of you for being so supportive. I am overwhelmed by the flowers, cards, telephone messages, and visits. It takes something like this to realize how many friends one has.THANK YOU ALL.

Before my achy breaky heart took over the program my painting group at the Princeton Arts Society was preparing for an exhibit at the Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge Ma. the exhibit, entitled "Getting a Likeness" will hang the whole month of April.