Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bobcat on the island

During the winter some trees had to be cut on the big island at Cooks Pond. To move the wood and concentrate slash the men decided to drive a bobcat to the island over the ice to do the work.

When the work was done and they had to return the machine it gained so much momentum going down the steep banking that went through the ice.
It took a lot of manpower, cables and winches and they succeeded to get it back on the island.
Now the motor was not working anymore.

As the bobcat was borrowed from a brother in law there was a lot of pressure and anxiety. In the meantime the ice melted, spring sprung, and the bobcat was on the island. What to do? Leave it till next winter? Build a cabin around it? Have it picked up by helicopter?

Yesterday it was decided to float it and have it pulled by a cable to shore.

All the fuel and hydraulics were emptied and sealed. Big air pillows were attached as pontoons and they pushed it down the steep banking.
We were all yelling :'pull, PULL!!!!!!!' and very, very, slowly it got pulled ashore.
Here are some photo's (sorry it was not the animal "bobcat" as you thought:)

The preparation:
The operation:
The sweet smell of success!

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Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that what looked like a farsical three-stooges method would actually be successful!