Monday, October 26, 2009

The Last Page

Some two years ago now I complained to my son Coert that I couldn't find a mention of my work on internet. He suggested I start a web-log and make myself known. Coert got me started and I enjoyed regularly posting my activities for friends and family abroad, picking up a client along the way and, of course, "seeing my picture on the cover".
As time passes I look at all the posts and see I am having much fun doing pretty much the same.... but different. I feel, anyway, that it's not exciting enough to keep posting it here so I'm going to call this "The Last Page" for now.
For those who feel the urge.... you can keep up with me and my work via Facebook.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trying to Find the Track

Yes, that's it... trying to find the way back to my blog. My last post was back in December. Much has happened since then:

  • Chrismas
  • New Year
  • Cornalijn's birthday
  • Addiction to Facebook
  • Alot of winter, even a..
  • Ice Storm that took many trees and left us without electicity for almost two weeks. Couldn't even get to Princeton for my painting group.
  • A new showerstall in the bathroom
  • Coert came for ten days
  • One of my goats, Lady, passed
  • We gave five geese away and luckily have kept at least one female (you try and "sex"a goose)
  • Cleaned up my studio with Coert.... enough room the actually work!
This list is just to bring you up to speed, although I have to admit that when I settle down each morning with a cup of coffee to update my blog I don't seem to get past my Facebook page. I'm working on it though.... I have space to work, I have the energy (although the weather is gloomy) and, and, and I just have to get it back on track.
Inspiration, that's it! I feel it coming... it's on the way.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to My Internet Exhibit......

Welcome to the opening.
As this is a virtual exhibit I invite you to pour a glass of wine for yourself, sit back, and scroll through the paintings below.
Looking down through the next 5 posts on my blog you will encounter an oversight of some 30 paintings I made on Cape Cod.
The subjects range from inland landscape to dunes and surf all over the Cape but concentrated around Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis Ma.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cape Cod Lighthouses, Landscapes and a Portrait

During the seventies I painted pretty much every lighthouse on Cape Cod. We had a yellow 4 wheel drive jeep back then and were free to drive over the beach and through the dunes with a pass from the National Seashore. We would drive from Truro along the Atlantic coast all the way out to Lands End in Cape Cod bay.

We call this the "Secret Valley". It was just around the bluff from our beach and we did some of our best beachplum picking there. The first painting hangs in Coert's house and is scene from the valley looking back to an abandond beachhouse on the dune. The following two paintings are in the valley itself where the colors in the shrubs always blew me away.

This painting I found after having posted last week. It is another view of the meadow between Stone's mansion and Stephen Phillips Road. Look at the dune....
This is a portrait of my daughter, Cornalijn.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

the Next Chapter on Cape Cod

During the Cape Cod years I was painting quite a lot.. so much and sometimes so fast I would just recycle canvases. This week we'll start with the Bagley house but then beach-side on the back-side.
The second painting is of the old Stone- house. A sprawling estate that used to be on the hill above Stephen Phillips Road, surrounded by meadows and hedgerows.
Just accross Bridge Street from S-P Road and down along Old Town Lane I painted this scene. Painted on a recycled canvas this is the only one that ever started chipping. In the background you might see two people walking along Sesuit Neck Road. It is from about there that I painted the Pear tree below. This tree still stands some 32 years later.
I got up really early one morning and went down to Sesuit Harbor to paint the colorful boats in the morning mist. This painting is in private collection.
These are the flats outside of Brewster, Ma. nearby the estuary of Quivet Creek. We call them "Crow's Pasture". This painting is in private collection as well.
This painting is of Quivet Cemetery in Brewster, painted from Sea Street the closed road as we call it. See the next painting.

I would like to express my appreciation to family members, old friends and valued customers that were so kind to send me photographs of paintings I knew were out there but in many cases had not seen for many years.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cape Cod Bay

This is a summer scene facing east from (what used to be) the Bagley house. In the background, the horizon you might say, is the jetty at Sesuit Habor. To the right is the East Dennis public beach. Off the beach, halfway "up the jetty", you can see "Gull-rock". This rock stands dry at low tide but is now in about eight feet of water. Here is a painting of a summer storm. I admit openly that this one was most likley painted from behind glass. This painting is in a private collection.
This painting we call "the Rolling Waves". Also in private collection.
The last one for today I call "the Morning Sea".... even though it is Cape Cod Bay.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter Two: the Marsh and Bog Scenes

This in a picture of me painting on Bridge Street in East Dennis somewhere between 1976 and 1980..... I ended up cutting this painting in half and selling the top half in one of those Cape Cod artist events along route 6a.

The painting below is pretty much the same but from closer to East Dennis. I painted this one from someone's backyard.This painting is the view upstream from the same spot on Bridge Street above.
This painting is now in a friend's private collection and they call it "Our Little Cottage". In the foreground is the flooded cranberry bog on Stephan Phillips Road in East Dennis. Coert mapped this one on Panoramio.
Here another of the same bog.... but earlier, signed 1974. Coert and Peter are walking back to the house after coming to visit me while painting. This one hangs in Coert's house and has been mapped as well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cape Cod Summers 1

During the seventies my family enjoyed summers on Cape Cod. The July month was spent at the house of a dear family friend; H.P.Bagley II.

My children were young and played on the beach in East Dennis, next to Sesuit harbor. This gave me plenty of time to paint in the area.

My son Coert remembered, during a recent telephone call, having to “lug that tote-bag and paintbox” all over the place…. My reply was that someone had to carry the stuff.

Moving on:

This portrait is of Prescott Bagley (Jan. 1927- April 2005) painted in '75-76.

Below cottage is where Peter and I spent our honeymoon in 1964. This painting must also be from 1975 or 76.

Here a painting over the beach towards the jetty at Sesuit Harbor.

Seeing these paintings again (and there are some more to come) remind me of how much I was very influenced by my teacher at the time, Robert Hunter. He taught me to paint with thin layers. The "van Gogh" in me came out later.

Coert mapped the above paintings on his Panoramio site. Have a look there (be sure to zoom in) to see how, in some cases, the world has changed.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sharing the Statistics

I have been busy putting together a blog-exhibit these past weeks….

Whenever my web-log slows down you can count on me being up to something.

This exhibit will entail paintings made on Cape Cod in the 1970’s it has taken quite the effort to find them. Most I have spread around (stacked away) in my studio but some have been either sold or given away in the course of time. So I’m trying to remember what went where and to whom and contacting people for photographs.

In the mean time I thought it would be fun to share some “blog stats” with you.....

As of today we have had 3,162 “visits” to the Joy of Art, with 1,109 “absolute unique visitors”. The 3,162 visits show an average 1.78 “page views” per visit (total 5,621 “page views”) with an average of two minutes on-site.

The visitors to the Joy of Art are spread out over 60 countries around the world. In the top-ten, not surprisingly, we see the U.S. and the Netherlands, followed by Canada, Israel, U.K., Germany, Belgium, India, France and Turkey.

All in all quite some attention for a woman just doing her thing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Been Delegating the Panoramics...

I somehow got the date-function on my camera turned off and sent Coert another set of photos. Although this one does not offer a wider range of view I do like the way it "flames" (o.k. distorts)in the margins.... It's about time that Coert posts a few new pictures on his own Panoramio site.