Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cape Cod Bay

This is a summer scene facing east from (what used to be) the Bagley house. In the background, the horizon you might say, is the jetty at Sesuit Habor. To the right is the East Dennis public beach. Off the beach, halfway "up the jetty", you can see "Gull-rock". This rock stands dry at low tide but is now in about eight feet of water. Here is a painting of a summer storm. I admit openly that this one was most likley painted from behind glass. This painting is in a private collection.
This painting we call "the Rolling Waves". Also in private collection.
The last one for today I call "the Morning Sea".... even though it is Cape Cod Bay.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,Sharon here, I just loved Morning Sea, as well as many others but here you managed to make a great mass of blue interesting and move, it moved me to write, Good job!