Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trying to Find the Track

Yes, that's it... trying to find the way back to my blog. My last post was back in December. Much has happened since then:

  • Chrismas
  • New Year
  • Cornalijn's birthday
  • Addiction to Facebook
  • Alot of winter, even a..
  • Ice Storm that took many trees and left us without electicity for almost two weeks. Couldn't even get to Princeton for my painting group.
  • A new showerstall in the bathroom
  • Coert came for ten days
  • One of my goats, Lady, passed
  • We gave five geese away and luckily have kept at least one female (you try and "sex"a goose)
  • Cleaned up my studio with Coert.... enough room the actually work!
This list is just to bring you up to speed, although I have to admit that when I settle down each morning with a cup of coffee to update my blog I don't seem to get past my Facebook page. I'm working on it though.... I have space to work, I have the energy (although the weather is gloomy) and, and, and I just have to get it back on track.
Inspiration, that's it! I feel it coming... it's on the way.

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