Saturday, April 19, 2008

58th annual academic Artists Association National Exhibition

Sunday april 13 was the grand opening of the 58 th annual National exhibition of the Academic Artists Association. And it was GRAND. Jean Murphy and I went to the opening at The American International College in Springfield Massachusetts.

This is a juried show, and not that easy to get in. But Jean had a nice drawing voted in named "Jim".
Lynn Wrona had entered a lovely oil painting named "the Road Home" and won the Samuel E. Armour Memorial award for it.
Another Worcester artist I have known for a long time won a Honorable Mention, his name is Robert Duffy. His entry was an oil painting entitled "Maine coast".

Before the show opened a painting demonstration was given by yet another famous Worcesterite, Bob Aiello. He painted a lovely winter scene while everyone was asking him questions and giving advice, not an easy task.
My favorite in the show was a large painting named "Generations" by Sandra Wakeen of Somers CT. Here are some visuals:

Robert Duffy, "Otter Cove":
Bob Aiello, "Glory":
Sandra Wakeen, "Generations":

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