Saturday, September 8, 2007

Worcesterware revisited

On September 6th "anonymous" asked in one of the comments to see some of my ceramic work. I've been so busy organizing my People of Tatnuck exhibition that I haven't been able to get to it until now... Below are a few pictures of Worcesterware. The first is where most of the finished work is stored in our barn..... please excuse the dust.

The second is of the plate I made for our own 3oth wedding anniversary in 1994. This one is hanging above a door frame in our kitchen.

Back to the barn, I dusted with my sleeve the platter with Worcester's City Hall.

The last is of a reading lamp in our "hearthroom". The shade is set for better reading.

I hope this satifies the curiosity of those interested. Just going back into the barn, looking at these works and actually thinking about my period of Worcesterware brought back fond memories.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elisabeth,

It is beautiful! Even with dust. Why is it called Worcesterware? Is it a style or use of colours or just because it is made in Worcester?
Mani once gave me a breakfast plate, painted by you in 1989. It has blue flowers on the edge and on the back a little 'strikje'.

It is very special to me!

Love Eugénie