Tuesday, September 18, 2007

People of Tatnuck, finally the Show!

I'm very very happy, all rosey.... "I couldn't sleep at all last night". The opening was a big success. Everybody came to see. Old friends, neighbors of course but also the mayor of Worcester, Ms. Konstantina Lukes. In the guestbook she wrote: "wonderful, portraits of friends and neighbors, Worcester's best assets". Another, I couldn't decifer his name, wrote: "art that makes so many people happy truly shows the joy of art".

The Worcester Telegram ran an item in the local news with a picture larger than I would have expected. Try and see it here.

Thanks to all the people that helped plan, cater, serve and photograph this evening was such a success.

Here's a picture of the crowd that filled the store "Framed in Tatnuck".
On the left you'll see my daughter, Cornalijn, working the skycam. In the middle you can just see my grandson Daniel... it was all a bit crowded for him. On the right, in the dark blue shirt, one of the two responsible for serving refreshments. Kenny Day.... with his hands empty!
The second of many to follow is of Mr. Gunnerson, president of the Tatnuck Association, sitting right in the middle of Tatnuck Square.
You can click on the pictures for a larger view.
There will be more in the days to come..... We'll call it the After Glow.

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