Friday, January 11, 2008

Logging and Coyotes

The loggers are all done now, the big machines are gone. Below is a photo of them loading the forwarder... Peter is supervising; he is standing well out of the way just to the left of the big maple tree.The logger left us some firewood. It needs to be cut, split and stacked. This will be a project for Coert when he comes next month.
During their time here, the loggers have seen six coyotes at once and seven deer, does with yearlings This morning there were two coyotes in the front yard. I took the pictures out of the window as not to scare them before I had proof of them. They are about as large as my standard poodle, with faces like a cat. When you see them you know for sure that they are NOT dogs.... See for yourself in the photos.

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Anonymous said...

I see lots of Coyotes up at the airport the area is very populated now but they live in the abandoned golf course right next door. We shot one up at a friends property in Orangeville they are a real pain no one seems to hunt them much any more in Ontario. They were coming up to my friends pool at night when people were swimming. Scary stuff.

Roderick from Toronto