Friday, January 4, 2008

Henry E. Kinney

I'd like to open this post by wishing everyone a happy 2008.
Continuing on..... I'd like to introduce you to Henry E. Kinney (1866- 1954) respected horticulturist, ornithologist and (the part that inspired me) a painter.
I came into contact with his work during my early years in Worcester and he inspired me to paint trees, tall trees with color. I have been told that he left a barn-full of paintings and I'm trying to track some down. I have a start as the son (T.S.) of a dear friend (R.P.S.) was kind enough to e-mail a photo of a painting in his possesion. I also know of a number of paintings lost in a housefire down the street a few years ago.
Searching on the web I have found little reference to Henry E. Kinney. He entered a portrait in a summer exhibit in 1902 and designed a nestbox specifically for Tree Swallows.

Below, again thanks to T.S., a family picture with Henry E. seated front row on the left and his obituary.
Hopefully I'll find more of his work to appreciate and share. Top priority right now though is getting my studio warm enough to paint.


Clijn said...

What a fascinating person Mr. Henry Kinney had been! I enjoyed reading the links for the art exhibit and esp. the diagram w/ specs. on the bird house. Very thoughtful and inventive. Please consider posting on other individuals that have a history in your area! xoxoxo

essbird[at] said...

My brother caught this entry and passed it along. He knew Henry Kinney. Our mother grew up across the street from the Kinney farm. We have of his a small oil-on-board winterscape and a carved-wood mirror with an eglemise glass panel, very unique, of a fox, stork, and vase. We love them.

Anonymous said...

Eindelijk heb ik eens rustig en volledig op je site gekeken.
Wat prachtig, wat ik allemaal te zien kreeg.
Ik ben erg tots op mijn zuster.
liefs jil

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!