Monday, December 17, 2007

The Long (and Harrowing) Trip Home

My son Coert brought me to Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam last Thursday. It was nice, sunny but cold weather. We stood in line waiting to check-in for some time because those @#$%^computers for the self-serve boarding passes weren't doing their thing. Finally a boarding pass and my one bag checked (travel light and fast is the motto) we said our goodbyes.
After all these years it's still a bit difficult and we both look forward to seeing eachother again in February.Anyway, a long walk to the gate, a long wait at the gate and finally boarding.
Departure Schiphol Amsterdam around 2pm local time.

In-flight I tried to take some pictures but only one is worth showing here.
As we got closer to our destination I saw quite a bit of ice form on the wing-tips. During the decent and landing the snow was so blinding I could only but see the red light flashing on the wingtip. The landing was so bumpy and scary the woman next to me took my hand for comfort.... the people on the plane were silent until we were sure we had stopped.... Then of course there was quite the applause.

Arrival Logan international Boston. 4:55pm local time, the last plane to land before closing down the runway and diverting the all other flights. We had to wait some time for the baggage carosel to start running as those poor baggage handelers were probably working up to their knees in the snow.I called Worcester Airport Limosine and heard that they had cars stuck in traffic all over the place and would come to get me a.s.a.p. Finally a young man showed and drove us through the blinding snow west on route 90, the Massachusetts Turnpike.
To keep this long story short I arrived home later than planned and was luckily not diverted to Detroit or somewhere.
Now, back home, in the snow our priorities are getting to the firewood and to the animals.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for an update on your trip! I was wondering how your return flight was since the weather was so harrowing!