Friday, October 3, 2008

Art in the Bank

This month I have a little exhibit at the Princeton branch of the Barre Savings Bank.
There was space for nine paintings.
The branch manager, Mary Tomasello, invites a different atrtist in each month to exhibit. Custumers seem to really apprecitate the monthly change of also gives everyone working in the bank something new and interesting to look at.

The fact that my work is being displayed in an area where people are working, waiting or doing business appeals to me. The space is alive and that adds to the vibrance I try to convey with my work... Plus, I enjoy the exposure I am getting for my art....

Here's a picture with one of my sunflower paintings on the left and a portrait of my grandson Thomas Patrick on the right. As usual you can click on the image for a larger view:
Another one of my sunflowers behind the branch manager's desk (a clutterd workspace is a sign of a clear mind):
A portrait of John in Native American dress on the left and a topographical abstract on the right: