Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pines and Foliage... the time of the season

Here are a couple of typical New England landscapes... A photograph taken a few days ago over at the pond accross from our house:

Then a painting (oil on canvas 90x40cm) I made for my son Coert a few years ago because this is one of his favorite places:
And another he "just had to have" from my studio.... this one is egg tempra on panel 30x15cm:
Have another look at my first Pines and Foliage post if you'd like to refresh your memory. You can also locate the pond on Google Earth via Coert's "Panoramio" site.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tante Bertje, what beautiful paintings and how lovely to to see them and you in the www.
Sending wonderful autumn sunshineand light from Munich. Caroline and the boys on Noah's Birthday;)

Anonymous said...

Hallo zusje,
Wat een prachtige site is het geworden, we hebben genoten van je kunsten, hou me regelmatig op de hoogte dan ben ik in gedachten toch dicht bij je.
jil herweijer

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph!
Groeten van Sabine Bosma